About Children’s Village

Children’s Village of Jerusalem was founded in 1994 by experts in the fields of therapy and education. Headed by Rabbi Weingarten of General Israel Orphan Home (GIOH), Children’s Village is the loving, supportive home away from home for children at risk or with special needs. Since its founding, hundreds of youngsters have been saved; all have benefited from the organization’s rehabilitation and education programs. The children’s emotional and physical wellbeing is of top priority and Children’s Village offers them the means of breaking loose from the vicious circle of despair.

Children’s Village is among the few organizations working tirelessly on behalf of children at risk. These youngsters are products of dysfunctional families, and have witnessed severe illness, financial hardship and neglect. The organization’s main objective is to save each child and to offer viable solutions targeted at individual needs.

Upcoming projects include special children’s division where any child with special needs can find a home.

Above all, Children’s Village is a warm, protective home, offering counseling and enrichment coupled with a pleasant environment. Its state of the art facilities are run by professional, dedicated staff.

Professionalism at the Forefront

The staff members at Children’s Village are experts in their respective fields, armed with experience in handling children in need along with the prerequisite – patience. Each of the children receives undivided attention and support.

Therapy and Education

The treatment of children at risk or in need calls for expertise in psychology. Many of these youngsters arrive at Children’s Village suffering from trauma and emotional abuse. Psychological counseling takes place predominantly in the residential facility and treatment centers.

The education staff focus on the children’s studies, assisting them in overcoming learning difficulties. One specialized program is aimed at targeting potential school dropouts. All the staff members are guided and monitored by educators, psychologists and social workers who have extensive experience with children in need.

Interdisciplinary Staff

Physicians, developmental psychologists, social workers and paramedics act as advisors to our staff on a regular basis. Moreover, ongoing contact is maintained with the children and their families.

Administrative Staff and Service Providers

At Children’s Village, the children’s requirements are dealt with in a professional manner. The administration works efficiently and effectively, calling upon the skills of service providers wherever needed.


That is the motto of Children’s Village. Consequently, its rehabilitation programs employ innovative methods in counseling and educating children. A specialized program is custom tailored for each youngster, according to the child’s individual needs, learning pace, and abilities.The family is an integral part of successful treatment. Therefore, ongoing contact and communication is maintained with family members of every child. One on one sessions take place with parents as well as gatherings aimed at group dynamics. These activities strengthen and improve upon the parent-child relationship, paving the way for inclusion of the child within the family setting. Success in studies constitutes the key toward breaking the vicious circle of despair. Children at risk encounter difficulties in school. Suffering from low self esteem and lack of motivation, these youngsters tend to fail in their studies. Children’s Village offers tutorial assistance and guidance in order to equip each child with effective study habits and social skills. The children gain self assurance and are able to cope within social and educational realms, one personal achievement leading to another. In turn, they begin to feel the ambition to break away from the vicious circle.