Enrichment and Education Activities..

The daycare centers under the auspices of Children’s Village are certified by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Labor. The highly qualified staff provide the children with enrichment and education activities in a warm and supportive environment. This combination of professionalism and devotion results in quality management coupled with high level standards of hygiene and childcare.

There are three age categories: Infants (0-1); Toddlers (1-2); Nursery (2-3). These groups are located in separate rooms adjacent to activity areas housing state of the art equipment, which is used for enrichment and development activities.

The daily routine, between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., has been determined by the professional staff in accordance with the children’s basic needs, both social and emotional, as well as motor and cognitive skills. Treatment is administered during meals and naptime. Group activity takes place on a regular basis, with free play constituting an integral part of the day as well.

The organization’s daycare centers specialize in the needs of welfare referrals, and enrollment priority is given to children at risk. The staff members are certified by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Labor. Their expertise lies in early childhood care, and they are highly experienced in identifying potential problems. Children from dysfunctional families are taken in and provided with a home away from home, a welcoming, rehabilitative environment. Emphasis is placed upon preventative measures accompanied by continuous assessment.