Help make sure that
no child is left behind

The goal of Children’s Village of Jerusalem is to enable children in need to break away from the vicious circle of distress. Children’s Village provides the youngsters with a warm, supportive home in order to further their rehabilitation. We believe that a protective environment meeting the children’s physical and emotional needs coupled with structured tutorial guidance will facilitate entrance to productive, socially adjusted adulthood.

On behalf of children in need, we are making every effort to reach our goal by:

  • Providing a home environment suitable for the children’s needs
  • Training professional staff qualified to treat children at risk
  • Enabling emotionally scarred children to cope with trauma
  • Building up self esteem via tutorial assistance and guidance;
  • Providing enrichment activities and equipping the children with special needs
  • Motivating the children to advance academically toward institutions of higher learning
  • Providing enrichment activities and equipping the children with the tools and skills that will enable successful integration into society
  • Widening the scope of activities on behalf of children in need via the establishment of additional treatment and education centers
  • Recruiting government and private funding on behalf of children in need
  • Involving additional professional entities and instructing them about the special needs of children at risk
  • Increasing public awareness of children at risk or special needs via an extensive public relations campaign