Education is The Key…

A specialized program targeting potential school dropouts has been undertaken by Children’s Village. The organization’s guiding principle is: Education provides children at risk with the key toward breaking through the vicious circle.

Dysfunctional homes are not conducive to effective study habits. Children at risk tend to experience difficulties in their studies and are likely to give up easily. They require patience and understanding on the part of professional educators. Consequently, Children’s Village has designed its specialized individual dropout prevention program  in accordance with each child’s individual needs and capabilities.

The program consists of two main structures: one-on-one tutoring sessions and school tutorial centers. The children are assisted in their homework preparation as well as studies for tests, including matriculation exams, by a team of educators whose expertise lies in pedagogy and special education. Ongoing remedial work is conducted and each child’s progress, scholastic and social, is assessed by school officials. At the school centers the sessions are held within small groups, whereas in the one-on-one framework the tutor meets privately with the child.

Within the scope of this specialized program, the children acquire effective study habits and an overall discipline that can be applied to other areas as well. This in turn strengthens the youngster’s self-esteem, providing momentum toward full realization of one’s potential.