A combination of dorm life
& a home-like environment

The residential facility at Children’s Village, a unique therapy-rehabilitation dormitory for 6-14 year-olds, houses 18 children. The combination of dorm life plus a home-like environment streamlines the rehabilitative process, enabling the children to cope more effectively, emotionally and socially. Above all, these youngsters are in need of an attentive ear, a shoulder to lean on. Providing them with support and care coupled with a clearly defined behavior code is an ongoing challenge.

The children attend schools throughout Jerusalem. Upon their return, they receive assistance with their studies at the residential facility. At all times, an attempt is made to give the facility a home-like atmosphere, to make the children feel wanted and loved. Additionally, they participate in specialized activities such as,  art,  crafts, gardening,  animal therapy,  etc.  as well as a variety of enrichment programs that take place at the residence and in other locations.

The professional staff includes the director, counselors and teachers who assist with school work, as well as a psychologist, a social worker and therapists. The “parents,” a couple serving as a positive role model for the children, are also part of the staff. Every child is monitored by the entire interdisciplinary staff and ongoing contact is maintained with school officials, the family and family social worker.

The resounding success of the residential facility along with increased demand has resulted in the need to open additional groups. Some of the new groups will include those children who “continue” at the residence or new residents, aged 12 and up.